Air Conditioning Repair

Lafayette, Crowley, LA | Air Conditioning Repair

Lafayette, Crowley, LA | Air Conditioning Repair

One way to reduce the need for repairs is by keeping on top of annual maintenance. However, even when we follow all the rules, no matter how expensive the system is, or what the manufacturer promises, a complicated piece of mechanical equipment is subject to breakdowns.
If your home or business is not cooling or heating the way it should, it is likely due to poor or improper maintenance or faulty components. If you are experiencing any problems, don't waste anymore time and potentially damage your unit further. Simply call the technicians at Cajun AC Repair to assess the problem, repair your HVAC unit, and have it running like new in no time.

Unfortunately, nowadays inviting a repairman into your home to repair, service, or maintain your AC unit can be scary. Nicholas Dauphine and his team of trained, local professionals treat your home, your family, and your commercial properties with the utmost respect and care. The past customer reviews are a testament to the seasoned and respectable staff chosen to work at Cajun Heating & Cooling.

For your peace of mind, below is an idea of what you can expect when our A/C and Heating repair person arrives at your home or office.

Our Trained and Professional HVAC Service Technician Will:

Our Trained and Professional HVAC Service Technician Will:

1. Check filters and inspect for obstructions and overall cleanliness You can sign up for our free text or email reminders to be sure you are changing your filters and scheduling your maintenance checks. This will be the first thing our team assesses to rule out any potential clogs or debris blockage. A simple inspection of the unit can rule out any potential obstructions and dirt and debris that could be causing the issues.

2. Check electrical components Next, our technician will check your electrical components. Even when a system sounds like it's running fine, it doesn't mean it is. The electrical parts of the HVAC unit are responsible for powering the parts of the system. From wires, to fuses, to larger issues like the capacitor, reviewing these areas are essential.

3. Check refrigerant Refrigerants cool the warm Louisiana air and keep us feeling cozy indoors in August. If levels of refrigerant are low, there may be a leak, which is very unsafe and needs to be addressed ASAP. A wide range of damage can occur with low refrigerant levels and could wind up costing you a small fortune.

4. Inspect the condenser Dirt can pile up on your condenser because most units live outdoors. However, layers of dirt can reduce the condensers ability to turn the heat into liquid. And as with any system, all parts are connected and rely on others to do there parts. If not, the AC repair costs could be extensive and your energy bill through the roof.

5 Inspect the drain We all know a thing or two about water damage. When condensation that forms on your unit can't escape due to clogs, water damage will occur. Our A/C and Heating tech will assess the drain and be sure the damage does not continue.

6. Check ductwork for air leakage If you've lived in Lafayette, Crowley, or South Louisiana through a summer, then you know the problems that can occur with poor insulation. Ridiculous energy bills are usually a sign that you may have that cold air you're paying for escape. Not only does it not help your comfort, it can put a strain on your unit and add more wear and tear and long-term costs to your AC repairs. Our service tech will assess your ductwork for any leaks that may be the culprit of your AC failure.

You should know what to expect from our HVAC contractor. If you have any further questions about our process, be sure to call us at (337)294-0422 and our reputable staff will make sure you feel safe and knowledgeable about our service.

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​At Cajun Heating & Cooling we want to make sure that you feel cared for. Life is stressful enough without having to sacrifice comfort. We will guide you every step of the way as we do what we are trained to do: install, repair, upgrade, and maintain your HVAC unit.

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